About Us

At Sayulita Wifi, we come to work every day because we love what we do. Specifically, we enjoy employing technology to solve everyday problems and affect lives for the better. In the beginning, we simply needed an internet robust enough to support our professional pursuits. First world companies don’t want excuses, they want results. And so we set out on a mission to obtain the best internet available to us here in the jungle – fiber optic.

Along our journey, we came across others here in the Sayulita community who voiced similar needs. Some worked from home, some were local business owners here in town, and others were homeowners who had little or no internet access. In the end, we envisioned a community where the internet around which our devices were designed was readily available for those who wanted it. And so, Sayulita Wifi was born.

Our main priority is to provide a fast and reliable network for the residents and visitors here in Sayulita. We achieve this with a hands-on approach, bringing the best of corporate networking to Sayulita. We utilize a network technology called 'Traffic Shaping' which allows us to prioritize internet traffic. What does that mean in the real world? For starters, your phone call won't drop just because someone is downloading large files or streaming video.



“Excellence is not an act but a habit. The things you do the most are the things you will do best.”

Marva Collins

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