Frequently Asked Questions

What is fiber optic?

Fiber optic cables carry Internet, voice and video simultaneously over a strand of optical fiber using modulated light instead of electricity. Your information literally moves at the speed of light, much faster than traditional mediums. Fiber optic allows for lower latency and a better user experience.

Is Sayulita Wifi an ISP?

No. We are a privately managed network. We employ the latest corporate networking tools, such as traffic shaping, to ensure a fast and reliable internet connection for our customers.

What is traffic shaping?

Traffic shaping is a computer network traffic management technique which prioritizes data flow to ensure the most important applications have uninterupted connections. Items such as Voice/Video call, email exchange and online gaming take priority on the network. No matter what anyone else is doing, we ensure your VOIP phone call will go through.

How much bandwidth do I need to have fast internet?

Bandwidth is actually only one part of internet speed. Much more important is latency, the speed in which you connect to the internet. Think of the internet connection as a river, bandwidth is how much water is in the river and latency is how fast the river is moving. A 3 mbit connection with good latency is more than enough for most activities, including Netflix! We however offer both extremely fast latency and a liberal bandwidth allowance.

What is the difference between download and upload speed?

Download speed is the rate at which data is transferred from the Internet to your computer. The upload speed is the rate that data is transferred from your computer to the Internet. For example, download speeds are used when loading websites, streaming music or movies, and checking emails. Likewise, upload speeds are used when posting pictures or video clips online, sending emails, or making voip phone calls.

If you keep adding customers, won't your internet eventually be as slow as other companies?

No, actually the opposite. At SayulitaWifi we are determined to keep a premium product so we increase our overall speed based on our customer load. The more customers, the more speed available.

Can I use my VPN on SayulitaWifi?

Absolutely! We do not block any form if outgoing VPN connection. It is important to understand how VPN's work however, as it may have a notable impact on the speed of your internet browsing. Our number one issue with "network problems" come from users who utilize VPN's that do not have adequate bandwidth or latency which can result in a poor user experience.

Can I get Sayulita Wifi at my residence?

We utilize wireless technology to network any house with line of sight to our antennas. In other words, if you can see one of our Sayulita Wifi antennas from your residence, you can get Sayulita Wifi.

What is involved in a setup?

Technicians come to your house to do a “site survey”. During the site survey the technicians will determine if you can get service and what type of equipment will be required. They will also discuss mounting options and cable runs. This allows us to plan out the setup in advance so that we can ensure we have the proper equipment and that the set up will be performed to your satisfaction. Then, an installer will come on site to install the antenna, run the cables, and mount the access points.

In a normal setup an antenna is installed on the outside of your house. From that antenna we bring a cable into the house and connect it to a power supply. We then mount your access point that transmits your wireless internet.

How long does a typical site survey and setup take?

Site surveys usually take around 30 minutes but can take over an hour depending on the complexity of the site.

Setups typically take between 1 to 2 hours to complete, although times can vary depending on local conditions.

Setups are generally scheduled to take place one week after the site survey in order to account for the time it takes to order and configure the necessary equipment.

Does Sayulita Wifi have any restrictions?

Yes. Illegally downloading movies, music, or television shows on our network through P2P software is not allowed. These programs include but are not limited to Kazza, Kazza lite, Gnutilla Networks both 1 and 2, E-Donkey, Bit-torrent, Lime Wire, and any other similar program which is widely used for copyright infringement. Persons found to violate this rule shall be kicked from the network or given a warning at Sayulita Wifi sole discretion. Sayaulita Wifi reserves the right to actively block the use of these and any similar programs by any means deemed suitable by Sayulita Wifi.

Since the residential package has no contract, can I cancel for the summer and reinstall in the fall?

Yes, with one catch. Unfortunately our supplier is unable to provide a "low season discount" so we pay for our fiber year round. You can cancel at any time, but if you request a reinstall within a calendar year of disconnection there will be a $5,000 peso fee. This covers our time to disconnect/reconnect the service.

What if I have trouble with my service?

If you experience any issues with your service please call or email us as soon as possible so that we may correct the problem. We can’t fix problems we don’t know exist!

If all the Sayulita Wifi customers are on the same network, does that mean other customers can access my computer or personal information?

No. The Sayulita Wifi network uses sophisticated encryption techniques and powerful firewalls to protect you from the broader internet traffic.

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