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Your gateway to faster, more reliable internet.

SayulitaWifi is a premium private network offering fast and reliable internet access via a fiber optic backbone. We utilize multispectrum wireless technology to connect you to our network. As locals, we personally and professionally rely on our network's speed and reliability on a daily basis, and therefore, you can too.

Fast & Reliable

Through our fiber optic backed network, you will experience speed and reliability you never before thought possible in Mexico. The beauty of fast internet is that you spend less time using it. Less time waiting on downloads, less time wrestling with phone calls, less time thinking about your internet connection at all. Simply use it when you need it.

Professional Installation

While the efficacy of our service is our top priority when installing your residence, we also go to great lengths to ensure the aesthetic beauty of your property remains intact. We work with you to make sure the parts of your home that require a signal receive it with minimal cable exposure.

Fiber Optic Neighborhoods

Maybe you cannot see our towers. Or maybe you would like to take it to the next level. Great. Give us a call and we can inform you about linking your home or business to our network through fiber optic cable. Doesn't get any faster than fiber.

Free Consultation

Have a residence in town? If you would like to know what we can do for you and your property, contact us and we will schedule a free on-site consultation to walk you through the details of our service and the options available to you.

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About SayulitaWifi

Sayulita Wifi started, as any good business does, with a personal need: to live in a prime tropical location with the ability to keep pace with the demands of the working world. SayulitaWifi enables you to enjoy the beach lifestyle of Nayarit while still enjoying a first world connection whenever you need it.


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What's being said

"...after 3 weeks of using SayulitaWifi my world has transformed! With reliable, high speed internet I'm doing twice the work in half the time..."

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